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The 2009 Kickapoo Chautauqua Series

There were four Chautauqua performances in summer 2009. Each was a unique collaboration of area artistry intended to raise awareness about the rich cultural history and environmental richness of the Kickapoo Valley.
The clip shown here is “The Maple Syrup Opera” from the final performance at the Kickapoo Reserve.

Kickapoo Community Sanctuary  Join us in our efforts to empower local citizens to protect the Kickapoo!

Vision of a Community Sanctuary

While most of us, living in the Kickapoo Valley, appreciate its beauty, we may not know that its biodiversity ranks with that of many protected areas. Essentially we are living in a culturally and environmentally unique “park” where we want to continue to live. As contemporary pressures such as industrialized farming, loss of family farms, sprawl, and fragmentation threaten the agrarian nature of the community as well as the integrity of our natural areas, we must protect this valuable region where we live. Coordination of current local stewardship organizations with local governance will provide a cohesive group to function as a watershed-wide support group for voluntary protection of the land and people. A number of voluntary tools, many of which are being tried already on a limited basis, are proposed to enhance protection of the Kickapoo watershed. The Natural Step training along with land use planning will support and encourage new models of sustainable farming, economic development, alternative energy systems and waste management practices. Using voluntary conservation easements and private land use plans will encourage landowner participation in saving our natural areas. Community monitoring and research will measure the progress of protection of the Kickapoo watershed to maintain its beauty, its biological integrity while maintaining our rural lifestyle. A community sanctuary would promote family farms, sustainable farming, preservation of natural areas, and economic development through land use planning.

Kickapoo Community Sanctuary Executive Summary

Kickapoo Community Sanctuary Proposal (pdf)

Please contact Dr. Robert Horwich or call 608-735-4717) if you're interested in joining the effort or learning more about our project or organziation.

You can also join our volunteer registry to support the Kickapoo Community Sanctuary as a landowner or an organization in the Kickapoo Watershed. The pdf files below can be filled out and

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