Community Conservation has, for over 30 years, participated in producing important research that communities, practitioners, and other conservation stakeholders can use to benefit their community-focused projects.  On this page, we are proud to share some of these useful resources with the broader conservation community.

This first valuable resource is a book chapter entitled: “Preserving Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Catalyzing Conservation Contagion.”  This chapter was written by our founder Rob Horwich and several of his colleagues. We have also distilled some of this advice into a summary and a handy infographic.

The second resource is also a book chapter titled “Creating Modern Community Conservation Organizations and Institutions to Effect Successful Forest Conservation Change”, also written by Rob Horwich and several colleagues.

The third resource is a piece written by former Community Conservation board member Scott Bernstein, also formerly a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.  The piece is entitled “Thirteen Training Objectives for Community-based Conservation”, and can be accessed here:  BernsteinTrainingObjectives.

We hope you can utilize some of the important lessons we have learned!