For over 30 years, Community Conservation has helped produce important research that communities, scientists, and other conservation stakeholders can use to benefit their community-focused projects. 

Recently, we’ve been adding some resources for the general public who want to learn more about involving local people in conservation. We’re proud to share some of these useful resources.

We hope you can utilize some of the lessons we’ve learned!

The Basics

A plan that balances the needs of the people with the needs of the local wildlife.

The value of local people’s knowledge, participation and leadership.

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Our model is comprised of nine social stages.

A simple summary of the process of people-focused conservation.

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Deeper Dive: Studies and Articles

This first valuable resource is a book chapter entitled: “Preserving Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Catalyzing Conservation Contagion.”  This chapter was written by our founder Rob Horwich and several of his colleagues.

The second resource is also a book chapter titled “Creating Modern Community Conservation Organizations and Institutions to Effect Successful Forest Conservation Change”, also written by Rob Horwich and several colleagues.

The third resource is a piece written by former Community Conservation board member Scott Bernstein, also formerly a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.  The piece is entitled “Thirteen Training Objectives for Community-based Conservation”, and can be accessed here:  BernsteinTrainingObjectives.