Community Conservation acts as a catalyst for our community partners to assist them in protecting their region’s forests, wildlife and natural resources. By establishing solid relationships and bringing our non-governmental organization (NGO) and community partners together, we help to create conservation contagion that sends conservation ripples throughout the region and country. Your support of our programs will go a long way to protecting the world’s natural areas and biodiversity.

Our flexible formula, while being very cost effective, increases the positive impact of your donation. Your contribution both empowers people to help themselves and to protect their environment and the world’s biodiversity. We believe that people are the solution to the biodiversity crisis.


If you share our belief in the need to conserve the world’s resources at the community level, please consider supporting Community Conservation today.

Contributions can be made one of two ways:

  1. Mail: Please mail contributions to
    Community Conservation Inc.
    120 Sunset Ridge Avenue, Suite 114
    Gays Mills, WI 54631
  2. Through Paypal: Paypal is a secure method of donating with a credit card online. Setting up a Paypal account is optional.To donate to Community Conservation through Paypal, click on the button below:

Since 1989, Community Conservation has:
* Protected over 1.2 million acres
* Catalyzed over 20 community conservation projects
* Influenced the creation of 7 parks
* Helped form 16 local community conservation groups
* Catalyzed regional change in Belize and southwest Wisconsin
* Brought attention to conservation issues throughout Belize, which catalyzed the idea of a community co-managed park system

All contributions are tax deductible and represent the best return on an investment in conservation. Because we work at the community level and involve many volunteers, we are able to do more for less.

If you are able to make a gift, please do so today or consider us in your planned giving for the future. Thank you!


Community Conservation, located in Southwest Wisconsin, has opportunities for volunteers in our office. Volunteers assist us with event planning, staffing of the Museum of the Kickapoo, fundraising, and general office duties. Please contact us to talk about how you can assist Community Conservation’s efforts. Please email us with your contact information if you are interested in helping: