Our Mission

In order to promote global biodiversity and sustainable land use, Community Conservation Inc catalyzes, facilitates, and empowers local people to manage and conserve natural resources within the social, cultural, and economic context of their communities and facilitates widespread, global adoption of community-based conservation. Learn about our work.

Our Values

At Community Conservation Inc, we believe that local people are the best stewards of their lands. We promote the highest level of participation by the local community and encourage the formation of community-based organizations that empower local people to manage their own projects and lands with minimal outside influence. Learn more about what community conservation is.

Our Approach

We act as a catalyst to create community-based organizations in the places where biodiversity is threatened. We bring enthusiasm and information to local residents, highlighting the uniqueness of their area’s forests and wildlife, and then ask for their help to protect them. No community that we have approached has ever said no.

Our Impact

Community Conservation Inc has been catalyzing and supporting community-based organizations since 1989, representing over 200 villages in 14 countries and protecting over 1.24 million acres. We focus our efforts on rare habitats and endangered species, including primates, cranes, tigers, and turtles. Learn about our impact.