You can support communities to conserve biodiversity in many ways. You can support us and activities in your own communities.

Support Community Conservation Inc:

1. Donate

Make a tax-deductible gift.

2. Share the message

Sign up for our emails and newsletters and share them your friends and family. Follow us on social media and like and comment on our posts to grow our community (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter).

3. Volunteer

Contact us for opportunities. Your skills as a writer, researcher, artist, web designer, or business owner could be just what we need.

Support community-based conservation right where you live.

Here are some things that you can do in your own community:

1. Volunteer for a local community-based conservation organization.

Do you live near a lake? Forest? Prairie? If you’re in an urban area, is there an organization working to make your city greener? Get involved with a group where you live and become a community conservationist yourself.

2. Start your own group.

Have a favorite species that lives near you? Love teaching children about nature? Wish all the restaurants in town would use sustainable takeout containers? Conservation can take many forms, and YOU could be the person who gathers people together to solve a conservation problem. Our Resources page has some useful information, or contact us if you need advice.

3. Encourage a community-based approach.

Talk to the conservation organizations that you’re involved in or donate to about community-based conservation. Ask the organizations if their projects involve local people and how (use our Checklist for ideas).

4. Spread the word

Have conversations about the huge impact of community-based conservation. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Talk to your friends and family about how local communities actually protect much of the world’s biodiversity.