For over 30 years, Community Conservation has helped produce important research that communities, scientists, and other conservation stakeholders can use on their community-focused projects. Recently, we’ve been adding some resources for the general public as well.

We hope you can use some of the lessons we’ve learned!

News Stories

Protecting Nepal’s parks by saving buffer zones, by Dr. Teri Allendorf (Nepali Times 2022)

Origin Stories: Conservation in Nepal and Namibia, by Dr. Teri Allendorf (The Revelator 2021)

Villagers step up to protect Nepal’s tigers, by Dr. Teri Allendorf (Nepali Times 2020)

The Basics

The value of local people’s knowledge, participation and leadership.
Dr. Rob Horwich shares 25 years of experience in these eight free lectures.
A handy checklist that can inspire questions to ask about a project.
Does your project have all these features of an impactful, sustainable community-based project?
A simple summary of the process of people-focused conservation.
Our founder’s response, and how change happens best at the grassroots level.
The spectrum of community involvement in conservation and protected areas.
These academic papers give more in-depth information about community-based conservation for practitioners.