Key questions about community conservation

Are you interested in learning about community conservation and why is it critical for the survival of our planet? View some key questions and answers.

Academic publications

Community Conservation researchers and partners have published and stimulated publications in a number of professional journals.

Videos and podcasts

Dr. Allendorf at the Sustainability Institute
Dr. Allendorf at WedNite@The Lab
Dr. Allendorf on The Herbal Spot podcast
Our partner Birendra Mahato on the power of forestry (S1E6).
Dr. Teri Allendorf on Foodie Pharmacology
Partner Sam Helle talks tigers on BBC Discovery
Partner Sam Helle on becoming a tiger researcher

Articles and media

  1. Nepali Times (18 April 2022): Protecting Nepal’s parks by saving buffer zones by Dr. Teri Allendorf
  2. The Revelator (February 2021): Origin Stories: Conservation in Nepal and Namibia by Dr. Teri Allendorf
  3. The Nepali Times (21 December 2020): Villagers step up to protect Nepal’s tigers by Dr. Teri Allendorf
  4. UW CALS Grow (Fall 2020): Conservation takes a village by Dr. Teri Allendorf
  5. Future Generations University Media (May 21, 2017): The Gender Dimension: Women and Wildlife
  6. Science News (8 September 2016): Research looks at importance of women’s attitudes toward tigers in Nepal
  7. Mongabay (December 2016): Boosting biodiversity by studying human values, gender by Elizabeth Devitt

Manuals and guides for working with communities

A curated collection of manuals and guides from other organizations about working with communities. 

Other resources

A simple summary of the process of people-focused conservation.
A handy checklist that can inspire questions to ask about a project.
Community involvement in conservation and protected areas.
Does your project have all these features of an impactful, sustainable community-based project?
Dr. Rob Horwich shares 25 years of experience in these eight free lectures.
Our founder’s response, and how change happens best at the grassroots level.