Current Partners

Community Conservation Nepal is a new NGO with the aim to encourage and facilitate communities to conserve biodiversity through better community forestry and biodiversity conservation.  To achieve this, they: encourage and help communities to conserve biodiversity through forest management; build the capacity of people who are involved in biodiversity conservation, community forestry and forest management; and conduct study and research on forest management, biodiversity conservation, community forestry and the relationship between park and people.

Friends of Wildlife was established in 2007 by a passionate group of people committed to wildlife conservation in partnership with local communities. Friends of Wildlife implements conservation projects across Myanmar, contributing to the protection of many globally threatened and endangered species such as Asian elephant, gaur, star tortoise, and Eld’s deer.  A cornerstone of this work has been collaboration with local communities through programs that support livelihood diversification, community forest establishment, increased land tenure security, and improved relations between communities and local government.

Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) is dedicated to the conservation of primates and their habitats in South and Central America. They create private and community-run reserves that protect major areas of the natural biological corridors connecting existing protected areas to ensure long-term habitat protection for flagship species and all wildlife that shares their habitats. Through this work, we help local communities strengthen their stewardship of nature as well as protect their traditional and cultural identities, benefiting both humans and the environment. 

Project Conservation is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap between on the ground conservation research and the public through media publications. Short films and documentaries highlight local researchers, their voice, and their mission to conserve the world’s wildlife and wild places. We ensure a future for both people and wildlife by investing in local communities that steward critical wildlife habitat, spreading public awareness of important conservation activities, and promoting environmental education. 

Forest of Hope is dedicated to engaging local communities in conservation and restoration of Gishwati Forest and other the Protected areas
FHA’s vision is for communities living around the Gishwati Forest and other protected areas to have a sense of ownership and responsibility for their management.

Community-Based Biosynergy Management (CBBM) is a new NGO that aims to bring the issues of indigenous people of Cameroon to the forefront of national and international discussions while emphasizing the vital roles indigenous people play in maintaining human-nature biosynergy. Where communities are legally entrusted with the rights to manage local level forest resources, such as through community forestry, CBBM will work with those communities and local and international stakeholders to facilitate the realization of the socio-economic, livelihood and conservation potential of locally managed forests. 

Community Baboon Sanctuary‘s goal is to be a leading grassroots world-class model promoting Belize’s natural resources while preserving prime habitat for the movement of wildlife.  The CBS will be the leading private community-based reserve working hand in hand with its members for improved economic conditions, social wellbeing, and will play a major role in providing alternative livelihood through conservation efforts.

Past Partners

Nature’s Foster is solemnly dedicated to work for the conservation of all forms of natural resources in the region by preventing large scale destruction of forests, wildlife & their habitats as well as by making people aware of biodiversity status and wildlife issues. Major regions of our involvement includes the different National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Other protected areas of Assam, specially the Manas National Park, Kakoijana Reserve Forest, Urpad, Ultapani, Koilamoila have been the places of regular activities for the conservation of Golden Langur, Pigmy Hog, White Bellied Heron and many other endangered species of flora and fauna of the entire area

The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program fosters wildlife and habitat conservation and supports local community livelihoods in Papua New Guinea through global partnerships, land protection, and scientific research. The TKNP envisions a sustainable, healthy, and resilient Huon Peninsula landscape which supports the area’s unique biodiversity, human communities, and culture.

The Richland Center Santa Teresa Sister City Project was established to promote people-to-people relationships between Richland Center, Wisconsin, and the municipality of Santa Teresa in Nicaragua. Most of our contributions go toward projects in health and sanitation, environmental protection, sea turtle conservation, education and agricultural sustainability in the Chacocente Wildlife Refuge region.

West African Primate Conservation Action (WAPCA) is a local Non-Government Organisation working in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire to preserve and protect the threatened primates of West Africa through community empowerment, research, education and reserve breeding. WAPCA is spearheaded by Heidelberg Zoo in Germany with core funding from the membership of European Zoological Collections.