Community Conservation acts as a catalyst for our community partners to assist them in protecting their region’s forests, wildlife, and natural resources. By establishing solid relationships and bringing our non-governmental organization (NGO) and community partners together, we help to create conservation contagion that sends conservation ripples throughout the region and country.

Learn more about how we bring our partners together and meet the individuals behind the organizations.

Current Project Partners

Community Conservation Nepal is a new NGO with the aim to encourage and facilitate communities to conserve biodiversity through better community forestry and biodiversity conservation.  To achieve this, they: encourage and help communities to conserve biodiversity through forest management; build the capacity of people who are involved in biodiversity conservation, community forestry and forest management; and conduct study and research on forest management, biodiversity conservation, community forestry and the relationship between park and people. Learn more about this project.

Friends of Wildlife was established in 2007 by a passionate group of people committed to wildlife conservation in partnership with local communities. Friends of Wildlife implements conservation projects across Myanmar, contributing to the protection of many globally threatened and endangered species such as Asian elephant, gaur, star tortoise, and Eld’s deer.  A cornerstone of this work has been collaboration with local communities through programs that support livelihood diversification, community forest establishment, increased land tenure security, and improved relations between communities and local government. Learn more about this project.

Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) is dedicated to the conservation of primates and their habitats in South and Central America. They create private and community-run reserves that protect major areas of the natural biological corridors connecting existing protected areas to ensure long-term habitat protection for flagship species and all wildlife that shares their habitats. Through this work, we help local communities strengthen their stewardship of nature as well as protect their traditional and cultural identities, benefiting both humans and the environment. Learn more about this project.

Community-Based Biosynergy Management (CBBM) is a new NGO that aims to bring the issues of indigenous people of Cameroon to the forefront of national and international discussions while emphasizing the vital roles indigenous people play in maintaining human-nature biosynergy. Where communities are legally entrusted with the rights to manage local level forest resources, such as through community forestry, CBBM will work with those communities and local and international stakeholders to facilitate the realization of the socio-economic, livelihood and conservation potential of locally managed forests. Learn more about this project.

Nature Conservation and Study Centre (NCSC)  is an organization driven to conserve nature. They aim to do so by achieving a better understanding of biodiversity, protection of ecosystem function, enhanced understanding of climate change, and empowered resilient communities with an intact value-system. Their core values are equality, diversity, innovation, collaboration, accountability, ownership, hope for the future, and transparency.  They aspire for a sustainable world in harmony with nature. They work and collaborate with scientists, researchers, activists, communities, and policy-makers to incorporate high-quality result-oriented scientific research into nature conservation and sustainable livelihood. Learn more about this project.

Other Partners and Affiliates