Community conservation is an important but under-recognized part of the conservation effort.  When done correctly, with communities as equal partners, it is a powerful solution to environment degradation and the loss of biodiversity.  However, community conservation efforts are usually small and localized—seldom in the spotlight—and difficult to capture in the aggregate because they have many different forms and names, including:

●        community-based conservation (CBC)

●        community-based natural resource management (CBNRM)

●        integrated conservation and development projects (ICDPs)

●        collaborative management

●        co-management

One of Community Conservation Inc.’s goals is to document and highlight the power of community conservation.  In order to shed light on this important, grassroots approach to conservation, we would like to create a network of organizations with community-based projects that conserve biodiversity.  If you would like your organization or project to be included in this network, please share information about your efforts via the questionnaire below. We encourage as much detail as possible with equal attention to brevity. 

Thank you.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please download this PDF and send it to our Executive Director Dr. Teri Allendorf at