LOCATION: somié, Cameroon
TARGET SPECIES: CHimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)
partners: Community-Based Biosynergy Management (CBBM)
STATUS: in progress

In recent years, a local community in Somié, Western Cameroon has reported hearing chimpanzee calls further away and less frequently than normal. A lack of chimpanzee calls plus illegal grazing in the forest motivated the community into action and partnering with CC. This project site was selected by His Royal Highness Gamgbe Kounaka Ernest as a forest to be protected specifically for conservation. Villagers are worried about the future of chimps in their area, and they are asking for your help to establish a community-managed forest. 

Below are photos from the field taken while surveying for chimps. While hiking through the project zone this spring, Executive Director Teri Allendorf and partners came across an exciting find—nearly twenty chimp nests in one small area! 

This is one of two projects with our partner Community-Based Biosynergy Management (CBBM) on the ground in Cameroon. The other is the Dja Reserve, a community-managed forest and wildlife sanctuary in southeast Cameroon.