Update: We raised almost $1,000 in ONE DAY ($960 total after adding in a few donations we received offline)! Thank you to everyone who gave.

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What does the future hold for conservation?

The news you read is not always good – population declines, loss of habitats, climate change – but at least we know what to do about it.

We believe that the future of conservation is people. Every day, we push conservation towards a more empowering, collaborative, and people-focused future.

Mountain tapirs are one of the species that we hope will benefit from our new project in Ecuador. Photo by Osoandino via iNaturalist

Biodiversity is absolutely precious, and we have hope for the future of conservation because we see the progress. When farmers and villagers work alongside biologists, governments and nonprofits – that’s when conservation really “sticks.”

Donations help us give communities the tools they need to protect their local biodiversity. This year, donations helped us:

  • Join with local mammalogists in Nepal to search for the critically endangered pygmy hog
  • Assist dairy farming communities in the highly biodiverse Andes mountains on conservation-based, community-managed ecotourism
  • Help train community forest groups in Nepal to monitor wildlife with GPS and wildlife cameras
  • Educate conservation professionals and the general public about the importance of involving local communities in biodiversity protection
  • and more…

Giving Tuesday

It’s an honor to work directly with communities to help them save species.

Today is #GivingTuesday – the global day of giving back. There are more communities asking us for assistance in starting conservation projects in 2020. Please join us with a donation and be a part of the future of conservation.

Any amount you can give is so appreciated! Thank you in advance for your support.