Support aspiring conservationists – donations up to $5,000 are being MATCHED!

Myanmar’s protected areas are surrounded by villages. Many people in these villages care deeply about the land, and are interested in learning more about conservation.

Will you make a gift to help provide a conservation training for villages next to Myanmar’s protected areas?

The Training

The Biodiversity Heroes trainings we’ve conducted with our partners in Myanmar  (Friends of Wildlife ) have been helping local people protect wildlife. The trainings are a great way to inspire and equip local leaders to start their own community conservation projects such as community forestry areas, organic agriculture, and ecotourism. 

Biodiversity Heroes Training, March 2019

There’s a lot of interest in attending these trainings. More villagers want to learn how to start their own conservation projects.

We are asking for support so that we can fully fund all our activities in Myanmar for 2021. We plan to train new community conservationists from over 20 protected areas, and we will also support as many trainees as funds allow to launch projects in their villages.

Matching Gift

Donations will be MATCHED (up to $5,000) by a couple of long-time supporters of Community Conservation Inc. Please help us take advantage of this opportunity to protect even more biodiversity Thanks to this matching gift, donations can make an even bigger impact.

Biodiversity of Myanmar

Myanmar is a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot that supports many
species unique to Southeast Asia.

It also has the largest expanses of forest in mainland Southeast Asia, which are some of the last strongholds for many species such as tiger, elephant, hoolock gibbon, star tortoise, and Eld’s deer.

Protected areas of Myanmar in green (via Biodiversity AZ)

How did we get here?

Dr. Teri Allendorf (CC Board President) and Khine Khine Swe (Friends of Wildlife)

The training is the latest result of the long partnership between Friends of Wildlife in Myanmar and Community Conservation Inc.

Our board president, Dr. Teri Allendorf, has been working with FoW staff since 1999, when they first started working with local communities around Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary.  Together, they have worked to highlight the importance of communities for the successful conservation of protected areas and wildlife across Myanmar.  They began conducting “Biodiversity Hero’ trainings of community leaders and supporting projects in 2018.

We have been a part of two previous trainings, in March 2019 and December 2019.

In this video, a few of the participants talk about the training:

Participants from Biodiversity Heroes December 2019

These trainees from the December Biodiversity Heroes training launched a plastic waste cleanup and sustainable fishing effort in their village:

Young people from two villages hope to improve local water quality by cleaning up waste

Thank you to Community Conservation’s generous donors who’ve made previous trainings possible. And thank you to Friends of Wildlife – we are so proud to continue our partnership!

Please consider making a gift today.